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Wellness for Cancer was born out of our founder Julie Bach’s personal story, who experienced the loss of both parents to cancer at a young age.

This deep personal loss, coupled with their family’s efforts to live fully through travel and quality time, fueled Julie’s commitment.

Julie started Wellness for Cancer Charity with the goal of helping others lead more enriching lives despite cancer.

Our charity provides specialized education aimed at the wellness industry to support individuals from prevention through to treatment, recovery, and life after cancer.

Additionally, we offer cancer coaching to empower individuals to thrive during and post-treatment.

Since our start in 2004, we’ve become a vital part of the health and wellness community.

Our aim is to ensure wellness is a choice accessible to all, whether initiated on one’s own or recommended by medical professionals.

About our Founder Julie Bach

Live each moment, fully.

My passion for wellness and dedication over the last 20 years is a testament to my belief in the power of the wellness industry to create a healthier, more vibrant world.

This commitment has been a labor of love, contributing to a movement that empowers individuals to lead fuller, richer lives even in the face of challenges like cancer.

Adopting a charitable framework for our programs was a heartfelt decision aimed at authentic, meaningful impact.

Charities are essential to societal progress, ensuring we don’t lose sight of community and those in need amidst commercial pursuits.

The overwhelming support from businesses and individuals alike has significantly amplified our efforts, especially in supporting those touched by cancer. These collaborations are the foundation of our impact, enabling life-changing support.

It’s been an honor to stand with those in their darkest times, shining a light of hope and healing.

Please contact me. My life is dedicated to being in service to humanity. I welcome the opportunity.

Our Team

We have a large remote team around the world. Here we highlight our core team.

Adrianna Azuara

Latin America GM Wellness for Cancer

Martina Crkonova

Global Master Educator TCM Practitioner

SaraLina Gamboa Garza

Master Wellness Educator Founder CIMA Latin America

Shyamali Singhal, MD PHD

Oncology Wellness Advisor

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